Obsolete Body: Suspensions

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Obsolete Body: Suspensions
Author Stelarc
Genre Biography
Country Australia
Publisher JP Pubns
Published January 1984
Language English
Pages 156
ISBN 0910703035

Obsolete Body: Suspensions is a now rare and out of print book documenting the Australian performance artist Stelarc's suspensions of the late 1970's and early 1980's. Originally released in January of 1984 as both a hard and soft cover, it is a beautifully presented book with essays on both the author and his work and large black and white photographs.

Containing photographs taken in both stark inside environments and ethereal outside surroundings, the suspensions presented are inspiring and beautiful.

New Information on Obsolete: Body Suspensions

In May, 2006 during an interview between Stelarc and Emili Hubble, Stelarc confirmed that a reprinting of this book was scheduled for late 2006, early 2007. Stelarc has also stated that the revised edition will contain previously unseen suspension performances.

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