Mildred Hull

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Mildred Hull
Birth Date 1897
Birth Place
Death Date 1947
Occupation Tattoo Artist, Tattooed Lady
Website none

Mildred Hull, the "Queen of the Bowery", was born in 1897 and was a tattooed lady and a tattoo artist. Hull started out her career in the circus as an exotic dancer and eventually became a tattooed lady. She was tattooed by Charles Wagner. By 1939 she owned her own tattoo shop called the Tattoo Emporium, which she shared with a barber. She learned to tattoo without any help from a husband.[1] She was one of the only female tattoo artists who worked at the Bowery in New York. In January of 1943 Hull attempted suicide, jumping from her second story apartment and ending up in the Columbus Hospital.[2]

She committed suicide in August of 1947, drinking a vial of poison.


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