Meet Tommy

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Meet Tommy
Author Shannon Larratt
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Genre Non Fiction
Country Canada
Publisher Shannon Larratt
Published December 10, 2012
Language English
Pages 444

Meet Tommy is a book written and published by BME founder Shannon Larratt.


"MEET TOMMY: An Exploration of Private Body Modification and Play is a book of interviews about subincision, castration, penectomy, penis splitting, and other heavy male genital modifications (with a small number of other heavy mod interviews as well. It’s 444 pages long, and contains over 300,000 words in over one hundred separate interviews with individuals at the fringes of body modification. Because of the massive social changes that have happened in body modification in the last twenty years, I felt it was essential that these interviews be published, because the unique environment — an often lonely, self-doubting environment due to body modification’s past secrecy — that formed these individuals no longer exists." -Shannon Larratt (taken from [1]

Back cover blurb: "Meet Tommy” (borrowed from a mistranslation of the term “meatotomy” in a Japanese comic) contains over a hundred interviews done between 1995 and 2012 with body modification enthusiasts about their private journeys into the fringes of self-surgery and human sexual expression, plus over a thousand graphic and uncensored photographs illustrating these activities. This book invites these individuals to share their stories in their own words, explaining the wide range of reasons that cause a person to perform unusual and radical automutilation, in most cases on their own genitals, or engage in play that blurs the line between the extremes of agony and ecstasy.

Fellow body modification archivist and journalist Shawn Porter once compared these individuals to Clive Barker’s Cenobites—“explorers in the further regions of experience, showing sights beyond limits… pain and pleasure, indivisible.” In this book are shared stories brought back from these realms, some enlightening and illuminating, some frightening and upsetting, some about unique and fantastic characters who have pushed boundaries from the day they were born, and some about mundane and otherwise unremarkable people who simply happened to stumble into a different way of enjoying themselves than most.

This collection should feel welcoming and validating to those who have also explored these realms, perhaps alone until now, and for those with an arm’s length interest, it will educate, inform, and humanize. While the activities depicted in this book may seem bizarre to many people, in the right context they are a healthy and joy-filled part of the human experience.

Meet Tommy back cover

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