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Mark I. Chester, an American photographer born in 1950, has been living and working in San Francisco, California since 1977. He is a gay radical sex photographer, digital photographer, underground artist, writer, performer and curator whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including PFIQ, Modern Primitives and Drummer. Mark's photographs are, in his own words, "socially conscious, politically provocative, sexually explicit and artistically taboo. They break down the barriers between fine art portraiture, social documentary work and sexually explicit photography."

Due to censorship, he has exhibited his own work and the work of other sexual and underground photographers and artists in his studio including: Charles Gatewood, Fakir Musafar and Eric Kroll, among many others.

The original movie poster of the film Dances Sacred and Profane and the cover of the recently reissued DVD of the film, Dances Sacred and Profane Redux, features a photo taken by Mark of Fakir Musafar being pierced for the Kavadi ritual by Jim Ward.

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