Lenny Kravitz

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Lenny Kravitz
Birth Date May 26, 1964
Birth Place New York City, New York, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Singer
Website http://lennykravitz.com

Lenny Kravitz was born May 26, 1964 in New York City, NY, USA. He is of Russian-Jewish and Bahamian descent. In addition to his singing career, Lenny Kravitz has made television and movie appearances as himself as well as voicing some cartoon characters.

Elayne Angel has performed all of his piercings, which include his nostril, nipples, and a pubic piercing.

According to Elayne Angel, Lenny has said:

I wish I had 10 nipples—I'd have you pierce them all!

Lenny Kravitz with Elayne Angel.

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