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Lane Jensen is the Senior Piercer and also the co-owner of Dragon FX Kingsway Tattoos and Piercing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Lane started out as a Tattoo Artist at Dragon FX West Edmonton Mall in 1998. In 2001 he began body piercing full-time. Over the years, Lane began managing Dragon FX and trained many piercers over time. With more staff to split up the duties around the shop, Lane had time to dabble in photography and in 2003, began a mockup of a high-end magazine featuring the industry's finest modification artists and suppliers.

The first issue of "Tattoo and Piercing Magazine" (Fall 2005 featuring Amina Munster as the cover girl) hit newsstands nationwide. The second issue was picked up internationally (Winter 2006 featuring Blair on the cover) Both issues sold out within two weeks.

In December 2004, Lane went into partnership and opened a new location of Dragon FX in Kingsway Garden Mall.

After a devastating leg break in a skateboard accident, Lane has been forced to slow down on his multiple projects. In the future, he plans on continuing with the magazine and publishing books on the modern body modification culture. He also has plans to open more locations but not until he can staff them with the right employees.

In his spare time, Lane is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys camping and fishing with his family, all terrain vehicles and hunting - with a lens. When his leg isn't broken, he lives a jet set life flying to different countries attending conventions, meeting and photographing different people.


  • Lane is a former male model.
  • Lane has his truck driver's license.
  • Lane is a terrible skateboarder.
  • Lane is married and has two kids.

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