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Kaos Softwear is the first company specialized in manufacturing implant grade silicone body jewelry. It was founded by Jesse Jarrell and Steve Haworth. Their products are excellent for individuals with metal allergies or who have other reactions to more common body jewelry materials. Unlike acrylic products, silicone is non-reactive and does not break down over time, yet can be manufactured in a wide spectrum of colors and shapes.

Although some people have used silicone jewelry to stretch their piercings very successfully, many others have had suffered unpleasant reactions, therefore Kaos recommend that their jewelry should only be worn in well-healed piercings.

Silicone jewelry is ideal for individuals who engage in sporting or professional activities where harder jewelry could lead to impact damage. Silicone also warms to body temperature and retains heat, excellent characteristics for people living, working or playing in cold climates.

Jewelry styles

Currently Kaos manufactures flesh plugs, eyelets and o-rings in a variety of colors and styles.

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