Justin Trudeau

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Justin Trudeau
Birth Date December 25, 1971
Birth Place Ottaway, Ontario, Canada
Death Date Living
Occupation Politician, Canadian Prime Minister
Website http://www.liberal.ca/



Justin Pierre James Trudeau is a Canadian politician. Trudeau was designated the next Prime Minister of Canada after leading the Liberal Party in the 2015 federal election to a majority government victory. He is the second youngest to become Prime Minister of Canada. Trudeau's father, Pierre Trudeau, was Prime Minister of Canada from April 20, 1968, to June 4, 1979, and again from March 3, 1980, to June 30, 1984.

Trudeau sports a tattoo on his shoulder. The tattoo adapts a design by Robert Davidson, one of Canada’s most celebrated Haida artists. He had it done on his 40th birthday. Previously he had a globe tattooed on that shoulder, which he had done at the age of 23. His current design incorporates the older tattoo into it. At the age of 4, Trudeau accompanied his father, who was then Prime Minister of Canada, to a ceremony where Davidson's grandmother adopted Pierre Trudeau into their family clan. Haida are a First Nations tribe in British Columbia, Canada.




  • World Tattoo, shoulder
  • Traditional Haida design, incorporating world tattoo, shoulder


  • “My tattoo is planet Earth inside a Haida raven. The globe I got when I was 23; the Robert Davidson raven for my 40th birthday.”

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