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[[Category: Groups and Associations]]
[[Category: Groups and Associations]]
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Jim Rose

With humble beginnings in Venice Beach and Seattle, the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow has taken traditional sideshow and fused it with a rock & roll sensibility.

Infamous acts like the human blockhead routine and the bed of nails were mixed with pierced penis weight lifting, advanced play piercing, and 3d art implants to create what is undoubtedly the most imitated sideshow ever.

Featured freaks have included: Jim and Bebe Rose, Mr. Lifto, Matt "the Tube" Crowley, The Enigma, Tim Cridland (who toured with Jim as "The Torture King" and later as "Zamora", and Erik Sprague (who toured with Jim as Amago and also toured solo as "The Lizardman").

To date, three books have been published by or about the Sideshow, including Rose's Freak Like Me and Angles, and Cridland and Gregors Circus of the Scars.

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