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[[Image:Jimrose.jpg|thumb|right|Jim Rose]]
|name = Jim Rose
|image = Jimrose.jpg
|birthdate = 21 December [[1956]]
|birthplace = Burns, Oregon
|deathdate =  living
|occupation = performer, author
|website = http://www.jimrosecircus.com/
'''Jim Rose''' (born December 21, [[1956]] in Burns, Oregon) was the founder of the '''[[Jim Rose Circus Sideshow]]'''.
'''Jim Rose''' was the founder of the '''[[Jim Rose Circus Sideshow]]'''.

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Jim Rose
Birth Date 21 December 1956
Birth Place Burns, Oregon
Death Date living
Occupation performer, author
Website http://www.jimrosecircus.com/

Jim Rose was the founder of the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow.

[edit] Biography

His dad taught him magic as a kid.[1] He was born with severely crossed eyes and doing card tricks helped to keep the attention of his peers off of his eyes. He eventually had a corrective procedure but his interest in exhibitionism didn't go away. During his teens he worked at the Arizona State Fair selling soft drinks and got backstage access to the circus and sideshows. He began doing motorcycle stunts, but this didn't last long after he had an accident trying to jump 27 cows. He started doing stand up comedy and met the woman who would become his wife at one of his shows. Her family was famous for working in the circus and this showed Rose it was possible to make a living that way. He went on tour with his wife and learned to lie on a bed of nails, be a human dartboard and put his face into shards of glass while an audience member stood on his head. He is also known to have performed other various acts including: attaching money to his forehead with a staple gun, driving nails into his nasal cavity, eating light bulbs, strait jacket escape.

To date, three books have been written by Jim Rose: Freak Like Me, Angles, and Snake Oil.

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