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InkRat Tattoo is a shop in Tokyo specializing in old school tattoo design. Ink Rat has two main artists (Rei and Hata) as well as guest artists from all over the world including the likes of Chad Woodley, Uncle Allen, King Rat, Lewis Hess, etc. Ink Rat is known in the Japanese tattoo community for quality custom old school (American) design, a sterile environment and superior colour work. InkRat also sells custom tattoo equiptment and original goods.

The shop is a one minute walk from JR Koenji station (accessed by the JR Chuo line). Their website has a very easy map from the station and the shop.

The artists can speak basic English and they have shop staff who speak English. E-mailing or walking in to view portfolios and discuss tattoos is welcome.


  • Tattoo Artists
    • REI
    • HATA
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