Horiyoshi III

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Horiyoshi III
Birth Date 9 March 1946
Birth Place Japan
Death Date living
Occupation tattoo artist
Website http://www.ne.jp/asahi/tattoo/horiyoshi3/

Horiyoshi III (born 9 March 1946 as Yoshihito Nakano) is a tattoo artist who specializes in traditional Japanese full body tattoos. He became an apprentice to Horiyoshi I when he was 25. He was given the title of Hori in 1971 by Horiyoshi I. His studio is in Yokohama, Japan. He became friends with Ed Hardy in the 1980s.

He released a book called HORIYOSHI III: One Points which can be bought on BMEShop. He also has a clothing line called Horiyoshi the Third.

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