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Director Tod Browning
Runtime 62 mins
Country USA
Language English/German
Rating Unrated
Genre Drama/Horror
Year of Release 1932
DVD Release Date August 10, 2004
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While not about body modification per se, this film has a wide fan base among the modified, most likely due to the film's message about tolerance for those who are different.

From the back of the box:

"Gooble-gobble... we accept her... one of us," goes the huanting chant of Freaks. Yet it would be decades before this widely banned morality play gained acceptance as a cult masterpiece.
Tod Browning (1931's Dracula) directs this landmark movie in which the true freaks are not the story's sideshow performers, but "normals" who mock and abuse them. Browning, a former circus contortionist, cast real-life sideshow professionals. A living torso who nimbly lights his own cigarette despite having no arms or legs, microcephalics (whom the film calls "pinheads")—they and others play the big-top troupers who inflict a terrible revenge on a trapeze artist who treats them as subhumans. In 1994, Freaks was selected for the National Film Registry's archive of cinematic treasures.

ISBN: B00027JYLC (Find this at

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