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FirstStar Body Modifications is a piercing studio in Lachine, Quebec, which was first created in 2005 by Jeff Keefe (a piercer with 8 years experience) with the help of his wife Stephanie. Dissatisfied with the quality of the very limited amount of tattoo and piercing studios in the local area it was decided that a new studio was in order. Pooling their knowledge and resources together FirstStar was born.

With a wide range of services and a knowledgeable staff, the personalized service offers a nice touch that makes clients feel welcome and comfortable. All of the staff at FirstStar is well educated with the body modification industry. Weather you are seeking a tattoo or a piercing, FirstStar will do their best to assist you on your path to body modification.

Autoclave sterilization, new single use needles, and all piercing jewelry is implant grade 316lvm stainless steel or titanium. Tattoos are by appointment only and walk-in's for piercings are welcome pending on availability.

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