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Expose: The Art of Tattoo
Author Tim O'Sullivan
Genre Photography
Country United States
Publisher Carol Publishing Corporation
Published September 1993
Language English
Pages 96
ISBN 0806514302

Expose: The Art of Tattoo is a book by Tim O'Sullivan.

From the back:

The pictures in this book are of the illustrated people, the rich variety of those who have continued an ancient practice into the late twentieth century and will undoubtedly ensure its future in the twenty first. Future generations of tattoo enthusiasts may view the fine work shown on these pages with the enthusiasm many people now feel for the old wood engravers, or the popular Japanese tradition of coloured prints known as Ukiyo-e.

Novelist Richard La Plante wrote the Foreword for the book, in which he discusses the enthusiasm he and his wife, the writer Lynda La Plante, share for the art of the needle. As Richard says, these breathtaking photos display "the myriad of styles and eccentricities, from bold 'tribal' pieces to the delicate air-brushed look of portraiture, from 'body suits' to single patterns... works as individual as the personalities and flesh they embellish."

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