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Birth Date October 17, 1972
Birth Place Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Singer
Website http://www.eminem.com

Born Marshall Mathers on October 17, 1972 near Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Eminem is currently one of the most controversial celebrities around. He is also known as "Slim Shady," the alter-ego he created for himself when he began his career. Married and divorced to Kim Mathers twice, they have a daughter, Hailie, who is often the topic of Eminem's songs and is also the subject matter of one of his half sleeves. The other arm is a memorial piece devoted to his uncle Ronnie.

In addition to his musical career, Eminem has appeared in films and on television. He has also won an Academy Award for his song "Lose Yourself" from the critically acclaimed film, 8 Mile, which he starred in with Brittany Murphy.


  • On his left shoulder: a memorial to his uncle Ronnie, who committed suicide. Mathers remarked that his uncle was the only family member who ever cared for him. The design built on an existing "Slim Shady" tattoo, the name of his "evil" alter ego - and may have incorporated or covered an existing tattoo of a Vicodin pill.
  • On each upper forearm: D12, symbolizing the "Dirty Dozen" group of Detroit rappers to which Eminem belongs. The group has only six members, but each had an alter ego.
  • Left wrist: a tribal pattern.
  • Left lower forearm: "Hailie Jade," the name of Eminem's daughter.
  • Right shoulder: Hailie's face.
  • Abdomen: "Rot in Pieces," inspired by a nasty fight with his ex-wife, Kim.
  • Right wrist: "Slit Here."



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