Emilio Gonzalez

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Emilio Gonzalez
Logo based on Emilio

Emilio Gonzalez is a Spanish-Venezuelan piercer and body modification artist who owns Mithos Tattoo in Caracas, Venezuela, and does guest piercing spots in studios around the world. He specializes in surgical procedures such as ear pointing, tongue splitting, scalpelled piercings, extreme implants and nipple removal and is generally considered one of the more radical artists currently working in the world.

Because of his bold facial tattoos and implants, Emilio is one of the most recognizable and most published body artists in the world. He often travels with a cadre of beautiful women and is definitely one of the "celebrities" of the body modification world.


  • Emilio has had his navel surgically removed.
  • Emilio went to medical school for two years but left after tattooing his face.


  • "Change your mind, I'll change your body." (his personal slogan)

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