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The traditional East Coast BME BBQ was started in 2003 by Scot DeBockler (known on IAM as Clayman), Laura Reynolds (known on IAM as skatheist) and Brian Sowden (known on IAM as perk900). The BBQ, while not a new event type in the IAM and BME universe, was started as a diversion for then Rutgers engineering students Scot and Laura with hopes for helping to bring the modified community together. Brian was asked to help the first year because of his experience with Bowling With Weirdos and was asked back for the 4th annual BBQ after Laura relocated to Texas for employment.

The main aim of the BBQ is to let the local (and sometimes not so local) IAM members join together for a day of BBQ, kick ball and friendship. Every BBQ to date has been considered a success, even in with small run-ins with rainy weather, park grove invaders and bull testicles.

Fun Facts

  • All 4 BBQs have been held in central New Jersey which is why the bbq is often called "The New Jersey BME BBQ"
  • Each year has had its own unique design for either a t-shirt or a button with designs being contributed by such notables as Shawn Porter and Jason Craig.
  • Kick ball is always the game of the day.

Time Line

  • May 17th 2003 - Edison, NJ
  • June 5th 2004 - Woodbridge, NJ
  • May 29th 2005 - Woodbridge, NJ
  • May 20th 2006 - Woodbridge, NJ
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