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Staple of Asiatic tattooing

When most unmodified people think tattoo, two images are usually quick to come to mind: the snarling black panther/heart/rose Americana, or the elemental simplicity of the Japanese Irezumi, complete with the four elements and a snarling dragon.

But few people (even tattooed people) realize the elements that make up the dragon.

In Japanese mythology, the dragon is made up of a mixture of non-mystical animals:

  • Head and Face of a Camel
  • Antlers of a Deer
  • Eyes of a Rabbit (or a Demon)
  • Ears of a Bull
  • Neck and Body of a Snake
  • Scales and Tail of a Carp
  • Claws of an Eagle
  • Feet of a Tiger

The dragon appears in Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Grecian, European, and Mexican mythology (as well as many others) and can make for a fairly dynamic tattoo subject.

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