Chris Pontius

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Chris Pontius
Birth Date July 17, 1974
Birth Place Pasadena, California, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Actor



Chris Pontius (a.k.a. Party Boy and Bunny the Lifeguard) was born on July 17, 1974 in Pasadena, California, US. He first came to public notice in skateboarding magazine Big Brother, but it wasn't until he joined Big Brother editor Jeff Tremaine and contributor Johnny Knoxville's Jackass crew in 2000 that his profile grew.

After the (unfortunate) demise of Jackass three seasons and one movie later, Pontius joined forces with fellow Big Brother and Jackass alumnus Steve-O to create Wildboyz. Pontius' trademark costume of a silver pouch thong and bow-tie is allegedly a throwback to his childhood spent playing 'naked natives' with his brother.

For his first appearance on MTV Cribs, Chris was seen living out of his pick-up truck. By the time of his second appearance, he was finally living in a real house with his Irish girlfriend Claire (who is now his wife).


Pontius has several tattoos, including:

  • An anchor on his right forearm,
  • A wristwatch on his left wrist,
  • A Templar cross/Independent logo on his left shoulder.

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