Chinese Tattoo Art (book)

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Chinese Tattoo Art
Author Fino Huang, Roxanne Yang
Genre Photography
Country Germany
Publisher Editions Reuss
Published September 16, 2011
Language English, German, French, Chinese
Pages 496
ISBN 3943105040

Chinese Tattoo Art is the world s first comprehensive documentation of the art of tattooing in China and Taiwan. Its fascinating images exemplify the artful diversity of Chinese tattooing and its common motifs, which are largely inspired by ancient myths and legends. The meanings behind many of these motifs are explored in an illustrated chapter that delves into their symbolism, history and mythology. Chinese tattoo artists have outstandingly developed their own unique style and expression. Many of the tattooists presented in the book are also gifted draftsmen: their dynamic sketches of dragons, tigers, lotus blossoms, serpents, demons and so much more are inspiring.

The Chinese culture favors bright, vibrant, cheerful colors. This is also reflected in the masterful artworks by these tattooists. The preference for particular colors in China gives these creations their own special appeal. But Oriental tattooists are also masters of the black and grey style, which is often used in China, as it is in the West, for sinister visions of horror motifs as well as portraits. Chinese Tattoo Art is a weighty volume offering a grand overview and profound insight into tattooing in China and Taiwan, enabling professional tattooists around the world to expand their knowledge and spectrums of motifs, and inspiring future tattoos of collectors. - From

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