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Cheap TRX is a combination shopping boutique and studio, "offering [its] customers the best in jewelery, tattoos, leather & fetish oriented clothing and accessories, and adult toys and gifts for those hard to shop for freaks and other whatnots in your family" 1.

The studio has only recently offered tattoos, but has offered piercing to the St. Louis area for 9 years 2. Their main piercer, Stan, has over 20 years piercing experience, and has a background as an EMT.

Piercing Requirements

1. You must be 18 (or older) and have a valid picture ID or be accompanied by one of your parents. Sorry, big brother or sister won't cut it unless you can bring court documents to prove guardianship.

2. If you are a minor (under 18) you must have some form of ID in order to be pierced. Your parents must also have a valid ID as well.

3. Cheap TRX will only pierce you with jewelry purchased in our store. This ensures that the jewelry is of high quality and completely sterile. However, if your piercing is already healed, and you just got a new piece of jewelery for your birthday, bring it in. We can put it in for you for a small fee.
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