CM Punk

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CM Punk
Birth Date October 26, 1978
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Professional Wrestler, UFC Fighter



Phil Brooks, known as CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler. He was born October 26, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. He is known for his multiple tattoos and piercings as well as for being a proponent of the Straight-edge movement.

Currently CM Punk wrestles for WWE as a member of their ECW brand.


  • Pepsi logo on his left shoulder
  • The words Straight Edge across his stomach
  • left arm sleeve titled Luck is for Losers featuring different good luck symbols
  • Drug and Free on his knuckles
  • No gimmicks needed on back of left hand
  • GI Joe Cobra symbol
  • Pez dispenser on his arm


  • I’ve got six piercings: both ears, my lip, my tongue and my nipples, which, yes, I do take out when I wrestle because I’m not stupid. I can point out the individual tattoos that I had done, and the rest were probably three separate four to five hour sessions. (
  • I got about 10 or 11. Most of them have double meanings. We would be here all night talking about them but I’ll tell you a few. I have my lucky number on me (which is the number 13,) I loved GI Joe growing up so I got the COBRA symbol on me. I’ve got the Pepsi symbol which has double meaning. I love Pepsi plus most of the jocks where I grew up got beer tattoos, so it helped the “Straight Edge” attitude. I got “Drug Free” on my knuckles, which is self explanatory. I got a purple “Pez “dispenser on my arm. That’s all I wish to talk about them. (


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