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Buck Angel
Birth Date
Birth Place
Death Date Living
Occupation Public Speaker
Website http://www.buckangel.com

Buck Angel is a FTM transsexual who is well-known for having undergone sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) without any form of bottom surgery to create a male penis (even advertising himself as a "real man with a real pussy").

As an icon of popular culture, Buck Angel's message of empowerment through self-acceptance and being sexually comfortable in your own skin has struck a passionate chord with folks all over the world.

As he demonstrated in his appearances at YALE University and IdeaCity 2010, Buck is not only inspiring people to think outside the box, he is re-defining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics. Since Buck coined the phrase " it's not what's between your legs that defines you!", the term has become an anthem for men and women everywhere who have been inspired by this message of self acceptance.

Buck has been featured in nearly every imaginable international media outlet: television, radio, web, and print. He has appeared on The Tyra Banks Show, Spike TV, The Women's Entertainment Network, Howard Stern Show, Much Music, Sirius Radio, Dan Savage, VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network and many others. He's been written about in The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Time Out, Maxim, New York Times, and other publications around the world. Armistead Maupin included Buck Angel in his latest book Michael Tolliver Lives.

As a visionary filmmaker,motivational speaker,educator and activist Buck Angel launched Buck Angel Entertainment as a vehicle to produce multi media projects that will motivate viewers to think outside the box.

British artist Marc Quinn created a life-size sculpture of Buck Angel, that will be included in the sculptor's upcoming global tour.

Buck Angel made history when he received the prestigious award from Adult Video News (AVN) for Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2007 for his groundbreaking work in the adult entertainment industry. As the pioneer of an entirely new genre, Buck has received international recognition and continues to be a huge box office hit in numerous markets.

His innovative live performances in New Zealand, Greece, Scotland, London, Madrid, New York City, Toronto, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and many other destinations have attracted thousands of adoring fans and the respect of critics everywhere.

Buck Angel


  • Buck Angel is married to piercing pioneer Elayne Angel
  • Buck Angel was the first FTM to be nominated for the Transsexual Performer of the Year Award at the annual AVN Awards.

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