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Brian Decker
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Brian Decker is a young, pioneering body artist. He is part of a new wave of artists utilizing scalpels and dermal punches alongside basic piercing needles, as well as performing advanced procedures. Brian owns PURE BODY ARTS in New York City, NY, USA. He is a world-recognized body piercer, scarification artist, and modification practitioner. At 31 years old, he has been doing body piercing for a decade and scarification/modification work for over 5 years. The love he has for his work is easily identifiable, and his reputation speaks for itself.

Up until 2002, Brian was living and working in Connecticut, but the amount of nationally—and internationally—traveling clientele he'd built called for a move to New York. Since then, he has earned a familiar name in body art and hundreds of new regulars who accommodate him with the work he loves. His work and interviews have been published in dozens of internationally published magazines and internet zines, and he's been asked to work at some of the most prestigious body modification related events in the world.

Brian is known as the primary inventor of the punch and taper surface piercing method and has evolved the practice to be one of the most sensible developments of surface piercing offered in the world.


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