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Brent Moffatt
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Occupation Former Piercer

Brent "The Human Pincushion" Moffatt began body piercing in 2000-2001 and soon after decided to attempt to break the world record for "Most Body Piercings with Surgical Needles" which was held at the time by another well known body modification artist Jerome Abramovitch.

Abromavitch had set the record with two hundred needles at a 22 gauge years before and Brent decided to aim for a thousand needles at 16 gauge (much more difficult)—but unknown to him the pain and swelling ended the attempt (see his story on BME).

Since the first record Moffatt decided to continue down the road of records and has since attempted this record two more times, and also the more challenging record for "Most Jewelry Inserted". He has been seen in such publications as Playboy and The National Enquirer, as well as TV shows such as VH1's Totally Obsessed.

So far, in Brent's four attempts, he has inserted over four thousand 16 gauge needles plus eight hundred 16 gauge CBR's, which, in itself, could be a separate world record in theory. Brent would also like to point out that each record attempt of this nature is not the same, because if a different gauge of needle is used, the pain and/or stress to the body can affect the numerical outcome of the event.

Brent pierces himself with 702 16ga needles

In addition to his record attempts, Brent is also the wearer of a "Golden Palace.COM" casino forehead tattoo (sold on eBay, where he has placed a number of unusual auctions in the past). As much as he is an extreme figure in terms of his own activities, he has conservative views on how the industry should behave and because of his statements about heavy modification and under-18 body modification (he is generally not a supporter), he has butted heads with many of BME's members.


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