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While not the longest running recurring event in the Philadelphia area modification social scene, Brian Sowden's Bowling with Weirdos event is certainly one of the most popular. The first Bowling With Weirdos took place in September of 2002. BWW is a day long event starting with a BBQ at the Elmwood Park and continuing with Bowling at the Facenda Whitaker Lanes. It was inspired by a July 1st BBQ in Shannon and Rachel Larratt's backyard that Brian Sowden attended.

The "With Weirdos" moniker came from Sowden's friend Shawn Porter, who made a banner for the untitled Bowling event advertisting "Take the Weirdos Bowling" (a tip of the hat to the Camper von Beethoven classic "Take the Skinheads Bowling") and it somehow just stuck. Since then, the Philly/South Jersey/Delaware area's IAM community has taken on the Weirdos label and made it their own.

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