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Bob Tyrrell
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Occupation tattoo artist

Bob Tyrrell is a tattoo artist specializing in realism and black and grey custom horror imagery.


The bio on his website reads:

Having an incredible artist for a father, I grew up wanting to be an artist myself. I started playing guitar in my teens and gave up art completely to pursue a career in music. I spent the next fifteen years playing in heavy metal bands and working a factory job. I’d wanted to get tattooed for years and, just shy of turning 30, I got my first tattoo. Of course, I was hooked and got my sleeves and a full back piece done within a few years. During this time I got back into drawing and took a few art classes. Now it was time to learn how to tattoo! I took some drawings to Tramp, the owner of Eternal Tattoos, who are based in the Detroit area where I grew up. I was offered an apprenticeship, and within three months I had quit my job and was tattooing full time.

I was 34 years old when I started – a little late in the game, but better late than never! Tom Renshaw was working there and took me under his wing. Tom went WAY out of his way to help me, he really pushed me those first couple of years. I learned more from him than anyone in the business, and I’ll be forever grateful to him and Tramp – I owe them a lot. I stayed at Eternal for six years, then opened my own private studio called Night Gallery in Detroit.

I closed my Detroit studio in 2005 and am relocating to Toronto in 2006. My girlfriend Jovanka lives in Toronto so she’s smuggling me over the border! I’ll still work in Detroit from time to time, and I travel quite a bit doing conventions and guest spots around the States, Canada, and Europe.

So I guess I finally grew up and became an artist – my original plan as a kid. I think I found my true calling. I want to cut back on traveling a little so I can learn how to paint, do more fine art, tattoo more, and spend time with my girl. I’d like to thank all my friends who’ve helped me become a better artist. There’s way too many to name, but I’ll name a few: my father Robert J. Tyrrell, Paul Booth (still my biggest influence and favorite tattoo artist), Robert Hernandez (fucking amazing!), Guy Aitchison, Filip Leu, Shane O’Neill, Jack Rudy, Jay Wheeler, Jimé Litwalk, Joe Capobianco, Gunnar, everyone at Last Rites, Mario Barth, Shige, Brian Everett, Boris, Deano Cook, my girlfriend Jovanka, and a million other artists – you know who you are! Thanks for the never ending inspiration.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 84577
Bloor West P.O.
Toronto, ON M6S 1P3

email: [email protected]
phone: 586-774-4978

Bob Tyrrell on My Space

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