Bif Naked

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Bif Naked
Birth Date June 15, 1971
Birth Place New Delhi, India
Death Date Living
Occupation Singer

Bif Naked is a Canadian singer. Born June 17, 1971, she is the adoptive daughter of two American missionaries. She is of Canadian and Indian decent. She sports many tattoos and wrote the spoken word poem, "Infected Tattoo," which appears on her album Okenspay Ordway I.


My first tattoo was something that I just wanted to get; I was eighteen years old it was the Egyptian eye, the all seeing eye. I got one because my friend had a tattoo and then it became a symmetry issue. Also part of the way I coped was through my interest in theology. I read a lot about different religions. When I was 20 I was really interested in Daoism and then I changed to Buddhism for a long time and found it really soothing and it really helped me navigate through the world. And then I went back to my roots a bit in my late twenties and got interested in Hinduism and got some tattoos of different deities on my arms and that brought me great joy. And over the years, I don’t know I must have 30 tattoos, on my lower back and all over my arms. But the most important tattoo I ever got was the one I got 6 months ago on my arm and it simply says, Survivor.


  • Four Songs & A Poem (EP); 1994
  • Bif Naked; 1995
  • Okenspay Ordway I.; 1997
  • I Bificus; 1998
  • Another 5 Songs & A Poem (EP); 2000
  • Purge; 2001
  • Essentially Naked (Greatest Hits); 2003
  • Superbeautifulmonster; 2005

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