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Bepanthen is an antiseptic cream originally designed for nappy rash in babies or for nipple chaffing in mothers, but has become very popular for tattoo aftercare.

In each gram, Bepanthen contains Panthenol 50mg (VITAMIN B5), Benzalkonium Chloride 500mcg and Almond oil.

Be Aware

Bepanthen is a very thick cream and may result in blocked pores and pimples if it is applied too thickly or too often.


  • Panthenol (aka Vitamin B5); is the alcohol version of Pantothenic Acid, more commonly known as B5. When it comes into contact with living tissue (not hair) Panthenol is converted to Pantothenic acid, which in turn becomes a part of the compound "Coenzyme A" which helps cellular metabolism. It is marketed as a Provitamin, though it is never used as a vitamin.
  • Benzalkonium Chloride; Is a rapidly acting surface disinfectant against Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative bacteria and certain viruses, fungi, yeasts and protozoa. Applied topically, it is rendered inactive by soaps so must only be applied to skin that has been thoroughly rinsed.
  • Almond oil; Is obtained from the dried kernel of the plant. The oil has traditionally been used to lubricate the skin and is also considered an effective emollient.

Bepanthen contains lanolin, and is therefore not Vegan friendly. It also contains petroleum and paraffin wax, which may clog pores during healing.

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