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BME/News is a section of BME featuring articles, editorials, and book reviews. BME/News, first started in 1994, was reintroduced with an article by BME founder Shannon Larratt October 29, 2002 in the Publisher's Ring. If you'd like to see older articles from the "first generation" of BME's lifetime, those can be found here.


  • The BME Book Review book reviews written by volunteers. Books purchased through links in BME Book Reviews both encourage the publications of body modification related books and give back to BME through commissions in association with Amazon Books. Many of these books are also carried in First The BME Book Review review: January 21, 2004.
  • Legal Link— articles by lawyer and writer, Marisa DiMattia. Note that, although her articles are legal in nature, they are not intended as legal advice. They are intended for only general information purposes and do not create any attorney-client relationship. First Legal Link article: November 10, 2004.

  • Reader Editorials— editorials by readers of BME. Note that editorials represent the opinions of BME readers which may not represent the official views of Recommended editorials have the date highlighted in red next to a star of the same color. The first editorials in the archive are mostly anonymous (though a few are attributed to Shannon Larratt such as the first listed one from December 16, 1995, examples of strange mail). The first dated reader editorial is October 27, 2000, and the first dated recommended reader editorial is November 5, 2000. You can submit your editorials (as well as experiences) here.

Featured Archives

  • Older Articles archive of articles from the "first generation" of BME's lifetime.
  • Art Galleries archive of photo galleries by artists photographing body modification, body rites, and similar areas; galleries of drawings and paintings on the same subject matter; artistic photo shoots of clients of body artists; blood print galleries from scarification artists, and more. The first listed gallery is that of Vonsh. If you think you meet the criteria and want to see your work featured, send ten or more (no upper limit) pictures at as high as resolution as you can to [email protected], and be sure to include all the contact info you can as well as a brief bio.
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