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ART KOR-1.jpg

In 2000, Lukas Zpira organized the event ART-KOR.OO, which took place in Avignon, France, during the very famous art festival. This went on for 6 months featuring up to 80 performances and conferences from many international artist, giving birth to the ART-KOR collective.

For several years now Lukas has been doing many body art performances and installations mixing suspension, scarification and branding along with Japanese traditional bondage performed by his wife Satomi. Since 2001 he has been touring all around the world and has been a regular performer for Torture Garden. Together with Satomi, he recently gathered various artists and musicians (ODM, Kannelle, Phyl Von), as well as poets (Tarik Noui, David Defendi) within the collective "HACTION MUTANTE" with which they presented "HACTION I" inside the bunker of the abode of chaos in Lyon, France.

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